Being in the beauty industry, I have a passion for all things beautiful coupled with a passion for health and wellness. Beautycounter is the perfect combination of beautiful products that are safe and non toxic all while delivering performance that won’t disapoint. Because I care for my clients, I want to share beautycounter with each of you.

To date, Europe has banned 1,300 ingredients from being used in their cosmetic products while the US has banned 11. Beautycounter has taken the health and wellness of our clients into our own hands, committing to never use over 1,500 ingredients in any of our products. I want to share these amazing skincare and beauty products with you! Contact me today to discover how to get the healthiest skin of your life! I cannot wait to talk to you about what you are looking for and all of your cosmetic needs!

Xoxo Emily

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After my daughter was born we were exposed to a whole new world of health and wellness through nutrition. We quickly learned how we could provide her with the best nutrition in order to aid in her development and growth. We have sought out many natural remedies and healing processes in order to give her the best outcome possible. Overtime we have been educated about toxins and harmful chemicals that are in our environment that could affect her development and growth. So in doing that we have eliminated many things in our life to reduce her exposure to these harmful elements.
There was one area of my life that I had not yet carried over these same principals. My personal makeup and skincare!! Until just recently… I was introduced to Beautycounter. And that was all it took to make the change.
This company fits my personal and family goal of trying to reduce toxins in our household and personal products. I love the company’s philosophy and what they stand for… Getting safer products into the hands of everyone. They offer high quality products without compromising its ingredients or effectiveness. If you are curious about what I am speaking to… Watch this short video!
I am here to chat and answer questions! Beautycounter has everything from shampoo & conditioner to foundation & lipstick! If you are interested in browsing this collection here is my website