Makeup Tips

Thinking about having your make-up done for a wedding, prom, a photo session, or just something special?  Here are 5 tips to keep in mind to ensure you will get the most out of your experience and  love the way you look!
  1. First, wash your face… make sure all the sleep is out of your eyes and your skin is moisturized, your make-up will adhere more smoothly as well as last longer.
  2. Brush your teeth…this is mostly for the benefit of the make-up artist, but it does save you from rubbing all your lip stick/gloss off if you choose to brush your teeth after you have had a full face of professional make-up freshly done.
  3. Speaking of lipstick and lips, take care of your lips beforehand making sure they are not chapped. Lipstick and lip gloss does not look pretty on cracked lips.

  4. Groom your eyebrows!!! If you wax, pluck, or thread…. whatever it may be just make sure it is fresh for your make-up application. There is just something about perfect eyebrows that create an absolutely flawless look.
  5. During make-up application, hold as still as possible. Focus on what is going on by taking instruction from the makeup artist. The more still you can hold, the better your make-up will turn out!